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We Welcome You to Aquarium Wood Products, Fine Wood Cabinets for the Aquarium Industry…

Fine Aquarium Wood Cabinets for the Aquarium / Hobby Industry

Aquarium Wood Products started in the Tampa Bay Florida area supplying local retailers and small distributors. Soon Aquarium Wood Products' cabinets and aquarium products were being supplied to retail stores and distributors throughout the United States.

Through the years AWP has succeeded in developing new and functional designs that make our CABINETS THE BEST IN THE MARKET. Utilizing proper cabinetry procedures, products and designs to compliment the aquarium makes us TOP IN THE INDUSTRY.

Custom Aquarium CabinetsAquarium Cabinets Constructed of Oak, Maple & Other Quality Hardwoods... in Perry, FL

Aquarium Wood Products' manufacturing plant is located in a southeast centrally located region making shipping and delivery easy and convenient. Our cabinet and aquarium accessory manufacturing plant is located in Perry, Florida.

Feel free to come by and visit our facility at 3692 S. Byron Butler Parkway, Perry, FL if you are in the area. We will be glad to give you a firsthand look at how some of the best aquarium products in the southeast are designed, manufactured and shipped.

Special discounts for quantity orders available for commercial customers. Contact us by email: or call us at 850-584-3340

Grand Oak Rosewood Aquarium Wood CabinetCheck out our superb, well-crafted "GRAND SERIES" of aquarium cabinets oak, maple, or deluxe


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